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School, Guatemala

Building a school for children in San Pedro Carcha, Guatemala, 2010.

The Problem:

Over 180 children currently attending Sejactual School in San Pedro Carcha, one of the poorest areas of Guatemala, are struggling to learn in temporary, makeshift shelters which provide little protection against rain or the sun. Desks and learning materials are scarce and inflexible school timetables mean children who migrate with their families during the agricultural seasons often miss classes. Poor school attendance and completion rates are exacerbated by a lack of potable water which can lead to skin diseases, diarrhoea and other illnesses.

Project Aim:

This project involves funding the construction of a new school in San Pedro Carcha, with new classrooms, playground, library, rainwater harvesting system, latrines and providing equipment for the school.

Project Outcome:

As a result of this project, a cohort of 120 children each year will be able to access a good quality education. The additional classroom, latrines, new equipment and newly trained teachers will ensure that children are able to enjoy learning in a healthy, stimulating environment. Providing a source of safe drinking water and school latrines will lead to a decrease in water and sanitation related diseases.


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