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School Project, Sri Lanka

Background: Sri Ramakrishna mission is a school in Northern Sri Lanka (Jaffna) which during the civil conflict in Sri Lanka was destroyed by aerial bombing and a dilapidated structure was left behind. The library used to act as one of three libraries in the Northern part of the country which provided a library facility to more than 1000 kids from around the area as well as the school kids from Sri Ramakrishna mission itself.

Last year the trustees of the school approached one of the charity volunteer’s uncle/aunt and requested their support in rebuilding the library. The school and the library will be run by the new government with all running costs (i.e. salaries and maintenance) picked up by the local government. The school employs 25 teachers and a principal and teaches approximately 175 pupils from the ages of 10-16.

The structure they wish to build is a 2 floor library building and the charity volunteers’ uncle and aunt have committed £6,000 to the build of the foundation and ground floor. The rest of project will cost Rs 1,034,510 (circa £5,500) to build the second floor and roofing. The books will be donated by various entities (including one of the charity's volunteers).


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